Deciding Hard

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I was disheartened to hear a friend who told me that she cannot join in my most cordial invitation to a very special occassion because “its complicated”. I was wondering why is it so? Is it hard to choose one from the other? It is not just my friend who have encountered this dilemma but surely many of us or all of us have and would go through this confusing and difficult situation in decision making. As simple as an invitation to an event can get us into a hard situation. When times like this comes to me I look at God’s point of view when deciding a difficult choice. I have realized that as a believer in Christ, having an initimate relationship with Him helps or if not is the highest form of knowing God’s point of view or to make it simple his “likes and dislikes”. Through reading and meditating on God’s word that is the Bible, I was able to know His likes and dislikes, from then on, I based my decisions on his word when I encounter difficult choices. God’s ways will never fail us, the wisdom that comes from him alone will set our heart and mind at peace and contented when we base our decisions on Him and not on other things or on a particular person. In my friend’s case, I was previledged to know her reason… It is sad to realize that she was not looking unto God during that “complicated invitation”. Sometimes looking at God’s “likes and dislikes” hurts us and sometimes it pains others. But there is no other way to it, than His’ ways because it is the only way that could lead us to a peaceful heart and mind. If only my friend focussed her eyes on God’s choice she would have felt and experienced the “heartwarming celebration” I have experienced. Having a difficult choice? Focus at God’s likes and dislikes then you’ll find a comforting, peaceful and satisfying choice.


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