Snow Leopard Stalking And Attacks!

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CLOE Female Snow Leopard
DOB 5/11/97

Cloe is an interesting combination: a very shy, but curious, snow leopard. She spends most of her days inside her air-conditioned den. However, even on hot days, she can be coaxed out for a tour by her favorite keepers as long as the guests keep quiet.

When she comes out, she keeps her eyes focused on the keeper and blocks out the tour guests. While not shameless for attention like her cougar neighbors, she seems to crave it nonetheless. At dinnertime she comes over and is more interested in “chuffing” at her feeder than in the food itself. In the evenings, both Cloe and Hercules will be outside. While her neighbor is much more showy and animated, she sits there majestically, unamused by his buffoonery.

Snow Leopards are extremely endangered. It’s estimated there are only 4,000 – 7,000 left in the wild. In spite of their threatened status, an individual was able to purchase Chloe as a birthday gift for his wife. Chloe is just one example of the trade in exotic animals, a practice so rampant some experts say it rivals the illegal drug trade. Today, Chloe lives at Big Cat Rescue in a 1,200-square-foot habitat complete with air-conditioned den and rocky ledges. Although somewhat shy, when given ice cubes for enrichment, her curiosity takes over and she paws and plays in them like an overgrown kitten.


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