Rangers Apprentice

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Rangers Apprentice.

Now the book covers themselves stood out to me. I love to read when I can but I generally only like to read series books, and i love medevil books. So i seen this and it looked pretty appealing. I was instantly in love with this series. Their was almost always some kind of suspense in this series.

It was not lacking action what so ever either. The only one I was disappointed in was the battle for skandia. That was the slowest book ever and i almost put down the series forever because of it. The beginning was okay, but it seemed like nothing was happening until the end finally came around. But if you can push through the that book in this series you will not be disappointed later on as the next books are very good and action packed as they used to be. Maybe the writer did this on purpose so it feels new again. Because it most certainly did with me. I can usually imagine the landscape they are in at the moment with this series of books, as i can with most series books. The only sad thing about series books is that they end and you get so enveloped into them you do not want to have the series to end. 

So i have never had the will to do it. But some people like to add their own twist to the stories by adding on a “fan-made” book to the series. These can naturally be very good sense if you have read the series most people dont want the series to end. So spin offs arent all that bad if you find good writers. If you have any spin offs feel free to link them! So yes out of all the series books i have read which are over 20 series and counting. This is one of my top 3 by far easily.

If you have the android phone or iphone you may be able to find an app for books i have the app on my droid that lets me download quite a few books and they are the full length books.


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