How to Teach Honesty to Children

Most of us want our children to be honest, We alwasy instill in their minds these words, “no cheating”. We always  want them  to tell the truth no matter what.  Yeah, that’s right, we all want our kids to be honest but how did we teach them to be what we want them to be?  Well, we must be careful because children learned from what they see from the adults and they are very observant of how we carry ourselves.

The best way of teaching children to be honest is to teach them by example. There are lost of instances in our daily endeavors that our honesty is being tried. We should always remember that kids are observing us on how we deal with honesty issues. One example is when the cashier in the grocery store has given you extra change  by mistake and you would then say, oh!  it’s  not my fault? I will not return this anyway it’s not cheating for I did not purposely did it. This si not an honest way of dealing with the situation. Your kid who is watching you, would follow that example thinking you are doing the right thing.

Let us bear it in mind that even if it means punishment when you tell the truth, do it for that is the right way of teaching the kid. You are building your reputation to your kids when you are honest in all your dealings no matter what happen. Teaching by example is effective than merely telling the kids to execute honesty for that is right but the examples you showed them are the opposite. Kids will no longer respect you for that.

We should instill in the minds of our children that honesty is the best key to success. People will respect you when you are honest. Your reputation as a person is high if honesty is being applied every single day. There’s nothing  more rewarding than to see our kids grow up to be an honest indvidual we could trust.

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