Garden Tomato And Basil Soup

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Harvest time can become even more special if you make this garden tomato and basil soup. We all know, tomatoes are so good for you and they taste delicious. Taking all these garden fresh vegetables and making this soup recipe can last you even in the cold winter months.

Things Needed:

  • 2 Tbsp canola/olive oil

  • 3 Cups diced onions

  • 6 Tbsp fresh minced garlic

  • 6 Cups red or yellow tomatoes roughly chopped

  • 4-14 ounce cans vegetable broth

  • 1- 8 oz can tomato paste

  • 6 Tbsp chopped basil

  • Salt & Pepper to taste

  • Juice of half a lemon, approx ¼ cup

  • Saucepan

  • Blender

  1. Head out to the garden and gather the tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil. The fresher the vegetables the better the soup will taste. Wash and dry the vegetables. Chop the onions and garlic.

  2. Take a saucepan, heat the oil for a minute or two.  Sauté the onions and garlic until soft but not brown. While the onions are sautéing, chop the tomatoes and basil.

  3. Add to the onions, the tomatoes, vegetable broth and tomato paste. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for at least 15-20 minutes.

  4. Remove from the saucepan from the heat; add the basil and lemon juice. Put it all in a blender; a little at time, mix until smooth.

  5. Add salt and pepper, serve up and enjoy.

Tip: This recipe is enough to have for dinner with a couple of quarts to preserve for the winter months.


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