Chicken Adobo a Favorite Dish For Filipinos

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Chicken adobo don’t  take much of your time cooking. Just mix all the ingredients, put it in a kettle and cook in medium heat until done. Very convenient to prepare for those  busy mothers whose time is limited.

Here’s what you need.  1lb Chicken meat, you can choose whatever part of the chicken you want to cook for adobo. You can have the wings, breast, thigh or even the legs. This is anotther good thing about this recipe because you can use all parts of the chicken as yo wish. Then, you need  1/2 cup of  vinegar or fresh lemon juice, 1/2 cup of soy sauce, 3 cloves of garlic crushed, small piece of ginger root, onion sliced, black pepper, a little salt to taste, bay leaves and olive oil.

Slice the chicken into bite size and marinade in vinegar or lemon juice and soy sauce with the crushed garlic and the black pepper. Set it aside for 15-30 minutes or an hour so that the  vinegar mixture will absorb.  Then, put the marinade chicken in a cooking pan and add all  the remaining ingredients except the  oilve oil. Add a little water and cook in medium heat until the chicken is tender. When it is almost done, pour the oilve oil into the chicken meat and continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes until it is competely done. You can stir it so that the mixrure will be even.

Serve this delicious chicken adobo with rice or mashed potatoes. I love chicken adobo more than the fried chicken. Here in America, people usually cook chicken either fried or bake but they never cook chicken adobo.


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