Wooden Easter Egg Simple Wood Carving Craft

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Carving an Easter egg is a relatively easy wood carving for Easter and spring. This wood carving craft not only gives you something to look forwards to on dreary winter days, but also is an Easter craft you can display with pride this Easter. Here is how to carve a wooden Easter egg from a branch.

For this wood carving craft, you will need:

Wood carving knife

Branch at least an inch thick




Easter Egg Wood Carving Craft Step #1: Procure the wood:

Dried wood works best for this craft. Sources include fallen tree branches, the firewood pile, old Christmas trees, dead saplings, and lumber. Because eggs are rounded, using a tree branch provides an already rounded piece of material to start with. Look for a branch that is straight for at least three inches. Cut out the three-inch length of wood from the branch with the saw. To make carving easier, leave a “handle” that will be sawed off when done carving.

Easter Egg Wood Carving Craft Step #2: Carve the wooden Easter egg:

Using the wood carving knife, remove the bark from the branch to see what you are working with. An egg quickly reaches its thickest point and then tapers. Whittle away the wood with the knife so it tapers, then carve the end to accomplish the rounded point of the wooden Easter egg. Carve the other side of the wooden egg to round off the base, then saw the craft from the branch, being careful to not cut into and flatten the tip.

Easter Egg Wood Carving Craft Step #3: Sanding the wooden Easter egg:

Fine-tune any rough areas on the wood carving with the knife and then a wood file. Then, using the file or sandpaper, smooth the craft for the finished look. Now your egg is ready to paint.

Easter Egg Wood Carving Craft Step #4: Painting the wooden Easter egg:

Painting the craft can consist of simply painting or spray painting the Easter egg a solid color. You can also paint an elaborate design on it. A third alternative is to paint the wooden egg white, then paint the fancy design on the white paint. Make sure that any design you add to paint is meant for putting on paint as opposed to putting on a regular eggshell.

You now have a homemade Easter egg wood carving. You can now repeat this craft until you either have enough wooden Easter eggs or you run out of time and have to make a trip to the grocery store.

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