Travel Guide For Porta Del Sol, Puerto Rico

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Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico, has something for everyone that chooses this location as their vacation destination. It is an adventurer’s paradise and for beach lovers, the beaches are exquisite. In fact you will find some of the best beaches in the world in this piece of heaven in the Caribbean. The region takes in many exotic locations, such as Rincon and Aquadilla, along the west coast of the island. The name translates to “Sun Gate” and this will give you an idea of the many opportunities you have for fun in the sun.

There are seventeen different towns in Porta del Sol, each of which offers unique attractions and ways in which you can have true rest and relaxation. This region is farther away from the more populated cities of the island and is a part of the island that has only recently seen a growth in tourism. For many, it was off the beaten track. However, it does give you a deeper sense of the culture of the island people.

Surfers have discovered that the Porta del Sol region offers the best surfing opportunities. Nature lovers will be astounded at the spectacular scenic images that unfold before their eyes and everyone will be busy snapping photos to show those at home. Beaches abound for those who want to play in the warm waters and sunbathe on the beach, but there are also many tourist attractions waiting for you to visit.

The breathtaking views of the Caribbean from the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse are captivating. Although the sunsets are fabulous on this side of the island, there is none that can compare with the views from this vantage point. The municipality has no less than ten beaches and natural wonders such as the Natural Arch that was carved out of the limestone cliffs over the centuries. Take a boat ride to the tiny island of Isla Ratones where you can snorkel to your heart’s content as you enjoy the underwater world.

Mayaguez is the third largest city of Puerto Rico and has the unofficial title of the capital city of the West Coast. Children will surely want to visit the zoo in this city that is divided into an African Forest and an African Savannah and boasts an open bird sanctuary. Avid shoppers will want to check out the many stores in this city where they can purchase local handicrafts and brand-name goods at bargain prices.

Rincon has beaches on both the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts offering everyone the best of both worlds. This is the premier destination for avid fishers who want to catch the big one and challenge their fishing skills. Fish that have been caught in these waters have broken world records many times over. Fishing tournaments are held at various times of the year and attract sports fishermen from all over the world.

For a true look at the architecture of by-gone days spend some time in San German. Porta Coeli is the oldest church in the United States and this city is the only one on the island that has two main plazas. There are two churches in the center of the city, as well, making this another unique feature of this city.

Porta del Sol is one area of Puerto Rico that required further attention when you decide to spend your vacation on this island.


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