Wanna Eat Healthy But Good??

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So very simple and quick.

Depending on the size of your family you can alter the recipe,I am including enough ingredinets for 6.

2 bags of spinach

1 pound diced ham-the packaged works great

6 red potatoes

12 eggs but can do 6 just wiether you prefer 1 or 2 to a plate.

and grated mozerrala cheese.

Rinse spinach then put in pan with spoon of butter and 2 packs sweet n low or 1 spoon sugar close lid tightly and let cook.

Peel potatoes and dice then cook then up in some extra virgin olive oil,when potatoes are done add ham and brown to your liking.

Once this is all cooked fry eggs,now I put 2 to a plate but you can do 1.It would probably be healthier with 1 lol

Layer spinach on bottom of plate then add the potatoe/ham mixture top that with the fried eggs a little kosher salt and cheese and enjoy.They are always wanting to go back for seconds but I have to remind them that eating that much defeats the whole eating healthy thing lol.I am glas they enjoy it and I truly hope you will too,I cant wait to hear good comments.I have been trying to eat healthier but I grew up with my granparents and they never watched what they ate they said it was a waste of time we would die anyway might as well enjoy it and sometimes I do wonder if they had a point after all they did live way into their 90s.

Thank you & God bless


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