How To Have Your Best Night Stripping – Every Night!

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I’ve been having some really excellent nights at work the past year or so. I’ve been keeping a diary of what’s going on. And a lot of it I figured was just something in the air! I figured the club was piping in pure oxygen to give everyone a lift!

BUT I’ve been talking to the other girls and not everyone is in the same boat! It’s funny because I’ve been feeling that pure energy that just makes me wanna be there. I feel good, and I give off a good vibe, and the guys are picking up on it. And tipping like crazy to get a taste!

So what is that energy? I’ve been doing some research and working with a few people smarter than me who know a lot about psychology. I tell them about what I’m feeling, and they describe it as that concentration, focus, and sense of well being that allows you to be confident, un-selfconscious, and in synch with your surroundings. This feeling is contagious and guys love being around it! It stems from a mental state where everything comes to you effortlessly and easily.

There are a ton of terms for this:

  • You’re “firing on all cylinders”

  • You’re “in the zone”

  • You’re “psyched, stoked, all fired up”

  • Your “mind and body are one”

In psychology this experience is called flow. Flow is this state of mind where things “just flow.” You can lose track of time, you feel extra creative and energetic, you become focused on something you’re really good at. 

I’ve been learning some fantastic tricks to keep myself in this flow all night long. Want a simple one??

Get a little piece of jewelry that has special meaning for you. I mean it. A ring, a necklace, whatever. Then the next time you’re feeling amazing (at the beach, at yoga class, with your boyfriend, or wherever it happens) hold tight to that piece of jewelry. Let the good feeling associate itself with that piece of jewelry. It won’t take but a few times doing this, and then the jewelry itself makes you feel good just because it reminds you so vividly of the time when you felt good before.

I gotta say I’ve been amping myself up at work lately and I’m in such “flow” it’s not even funny! And it’s paying off.


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