How to Change Your Facebook Url

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  1. Choose the profile you want to change the URL of. You can change the URL (also referred to as a username) of a personal profile or a business’ page.

  2. Choose your new URL name. Choose a fitting and appropriate name. Almost anything is better than the standard being random numbers), but make sure that your new URL isn’t offending or misleading. Facebook only allows you to change your URL once. So don’t mess it up.

  3. Now that you know which profile you want to change the URL of and what you want to change it to. Log onto facebook. After logging in, copy your address bar. This is where you will be changing your URL.

  4. There are six recommended usernames on the page, but you have the choice of choosing your own. Type your desired username in the box given and then select that box. Check the availability of the username.

  5.  If it is available, click “Confirm” in the box that pops up. If it is not keep trying until you find an available title that you like.


  • Do not confuse the term username with your name on Facebook. The term username in this article refers to the URL of your profile/wall.


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