Soup from the garden

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This delightful soup is very fresh and suitable for every day use. The recipe is easy for preparation. It takes only an hour for preparing it. The soup can serve 5-6.


3 carrots

100 gr raisins

1 piece celery

200 gr red tomatoes

200 gr cabbage

1 vegetable marrow

1 bunch fresh green onion

3-4 table spoons oil

Salt to taste

Red pepper powder

2 table spoons flour


Method of preparation:

Chop the vegetables finely and boil them into 1.5 l water. Meanwhile place the raisins into a bowl full with water. Then add them to the soup. In a sauce pan with oil stew the finely chopped green onion. After that you have to add the flour and fry until golden color, sprinkle the red pepper and salt to taste. Add this mixture to the soup. Serve the soup with finely chopped parsley. Enjoy this delicious soup!


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