Serious Preparation – How To Get Ready For A Great Night Stripping

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I’ve been having such great nights for the past year or so it’s like I’m working without really working! The guys love it and the tips prove it’s working!

A friend of mine asked me a while back how to get ready. I wasn’t all that analytical about it, I told her “just get into it!” Later she told me that was totally useless advice…and I guess it is. It’s hard to explain something to someone if they aren’t already good at it. That’s why I’ve been keeping a diary for quite some time now. I’m paying attention to the job so I do more of what makes me money and less of what costs time, money, and energy!

I came back to my friend after a few weeks studying my “get ready” routine. This is what I found works for me, and it worked for her and the other dozen or so girls at the club I’ve been sharing this with:

1. Relax physically. The first thing I do is loosen up by breathing slowly and deeply for about a minute. If you do yoga or meditation that works too. If my muscles are sore I’ll stretch out. Most importantly I want to let my body become calm and still so any tension I’m feeling can find its way out of me.

2. Relax mentally. Next I want to take my mind off whatever stress or frustration or lousy feelings I’m having that day. I’m not trying to psyche myself up yet, that comes later. Here I’m just acknowledging that life can be rough but that things will be okay. I try to remember calm and relaxing moments (lately this has been my vacation in the Bahamas) and welcome in a kind of pleasant happiness.

3. Focus physically. When my mind is settled, I want to start moving my body! Actually, I want to “let my body move,” and the best way I’ve found to do that is to play music that makes you get up and dance! I sway my hips and play with my hair and really get my blood pumping. I’m trying to let the music and the mood wash over me without thinking too much about it. Once I start moving, I’ll usually keep on swaying and rocking and grinding throughout the night.

4. Focus mentally. To focus myself on work, I remind myself of my goals and prepare myself to shrug off any setbacks that might come up at work. While my mental focus routine differs depending on how I’m feeling or what I’m going through, I usually do some combination of visualization, goal attainment strategies, and personal growth strategies. I’m outlining these in a book that should be out soon! I can’t wait.

I’ve tried messing with the order, and it just doesn’t help. I’m physical and so are the majority of girls I’ve danced with (at least that I’ve talked with about this) so sitting around thinking happy thoughts doesn’t seem to be enough. I’m practical, I want things to turn into action and money for me!

I hope these tips help you have a great (and profitable) night!


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