Make You Hair Perfect

1. The first step is to wash your hair as often as needed with a shampoo appropriate for your particular hair type. Doing so will remove the build up of grease and dirt, and help to keep your hair clean and in a good condition. If you perspire a lot, say from exercising, you may need to wash your hair more often. However, if you wash your hair too frequently, you can strip the natural oils from it; your scalp will respond by producing more sebum, resulting in a build-up of grease. Some shampoos are specially formulated for oil control. Speak to your hairdresser or stylist for the best option for your needs.

2. If your hair is greasy but you don’t have time to wash it, dust a little baby powder over visibly greasy areas. The powder will absorb the excess oil, thus reducing the amount of grease. If you have dark colored hair, be sure to fluff the hair so all the powder is completely mixed in, else you’ll end up with grey or white streaks in your hair.

3. Use scarves, hats or other hair accessories to hide the grease and make you look even more stylish.

4. Consider taking a supplement such as burdock root (you can get burdock root tea or capsules from most health shops) to help reduce excess oil production and cut down on greasy hair.

So what are you waiting for keeping doing this and improve your hair better then tomorrow….

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