Trade Unions And The Workplace

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A Union brings the strength of individuals together allowing workers to have more say in worplace desisions.

A Union can face many chalanges within the workplace.

Some Employers try to discourage workers from joining their trade union as they know that if they keep the membership down they will have less opposition to changes and workers will have less rights when it comes to disciplinary’s and other work related issues.

This is a challenge for union reps to try and deal with when new staff are taken on. They first need to get to see the new staff. This can be hard because employers may not tell them when a new intake is happening, so they need to keep their eyes and ears open.

Once they get to meet the new employees they have then got to try and encourage them to join. Telling them all the benefits that come with union membership is a good place to start once you have introduced yourself and the union.

Getting management to listen to you about work issues that have been brought to your attention as a rep can be just as frustrating. There often seems to be some excuse why they cannot see you at that time or if they do listen then often they tell you that they cannot do anything about it at the moment.

But if they want anything they are quick to ask for the reps help i matters like Health and Safety Audits.

The life of a Union Rep within the workplace can be hard but can also be a rewarding one.

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