Wanna Make Serious Money? Have Serious Reasons!

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I can think of a thousand reasons girls decide to take off their clothes in front of strangers. First and foremost, we all strip for the money. It’s a job. For some people it will be a career or a lifelong calling, but most of us grew up dreaming of being a princess or having a pony someday, not dancing nude on stage.

The reasons girls for stripping are fairly straightforward:

  • You have to pay bills

  • You want spending money

  • You have to feed your kids

  • You earn more “per hour” than working at Denny’s

  • You’re young and hot and ready to make a killing

I don’t know about you, but I’m very comfortable in my body. Although I’m a little bit self-conscious about my back fat and I wish I had perkier boobs, I’m not ashamed to show myself off. If you’re self-conscious or ashamed of the idea of stripping, you should look for another line of work.

That is: make some serious money now! But if it’s not for you or you find the time is right to move on, get the hell out. I have no problem doing this because I have solid, serious, motivating reasons that keep me interested and involved. But I can’t count the number of girls I know who have ruined their health and their personal relationships because they were torn up inside about this line of work.

Having said all that, I love what I do and I’d recommend it to anyone comfortable in her own skin who wants to be independent and make a great living!


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