Stripping Is A Job, Not An Identity

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what sets “good” strippers apart. By good I mean the girls who walk out and consistently make $500, $600, $700 each night they work.

I’ve talked to a lot of girls about this, and I found out something very interesting. The girls who made money consistently didn’t really think of themselves as “strippers” at all, but as women”who stripped.” What’s the difference? Well, being a “stripper” means you’re stuck with an identity. If you’re “a stripper” it means you’re not much else: not a student, not a girlfriend, not a mother, but “a stripper.” 

It’s a shame, but this can really grate on a girl’s self-esteem. The girls who burned out or didn’t make much money seemed to feel like they were strippers, like the job was degrading.

On the other hand, the girls who felt good about themselves (and made serious coin) identified as something else: a student, a girlfriend, a mother, a wife, whatever. That’s right-I know plenty of girls who are married and strip. (I do better when I’m single, because I like for my guy to be the bread winner in a serious relationship, but that’s just me.) And these girls had no issues with the fact that they “stripped.”

See, while being “a stripper” is an identity, stripping is an activity. You can start and stop it when you please. You can strip in the club, have a good time, and make great money. When you go home you aren’t stripping. You leave your stripper persona at the club. And since you never were “a stripper,” you have nothing to feel bad about. You’re in complete control of the situation. 

I love what I do and I feel good about it! I hope you do too.


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