How To Work A Strip Club But Ditch The Fees

For some reason my girlfriends in the biz always complain about how unfair the fees are at the club. I’ve been getting dinged with late fees lately, but it’s not like I’m not expecting them. They’re the price I pay for more time to myself!

But of course the less you pay in fees, the more money you keep for yourself. It only makes sense that the club gets a cut of your tips, so the more money you make, the more money the club makes! Even in competitive clubs where a lot of girls come to dance, it’s in the clubs interest to have you making money as long as they take a percentage of your tip out. It motivates both of you that way. Otherwise I’ve been to clubs where they just don’t care–and girls don’t make much at all!

By the way lot of new girls I run into don’t get it at first, but the club makes money from the house cover they charge you to dance. That’s right, as a dancer you pay for the privilege of working in their club! This makes sense, after all, since they did promote the place and get the guys to come in. And someone needs to pay rent and keep bouncers around just in case! 

Most clubs will fine you for showing up late, so be sure to leave 15-20 minutes early for work if you consistently run late, and be floor ready (on the floor and ready to dance) when your shift starts. 

Also many clubs will discount house fees if you work 4-5 days per week, so be ready to work a solid block a few weeks each month. Not only will you save on fees, you’ll be making way more money by picking up extra shifts anyway!

I’m all about making more money (and not wasting it on fees and fines and idle time) and I’m excited to be working on a project that will help girls make a lot of money at the club!

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