One Of The Worst Strip Club Customers – The 'needy-Greedy' Guys

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I’ve been thinking lately: I love my customers! The guys I dance for are fantastic, my regulars are so good to me, and guys are just fun to be around in general.

But there’s that one kind of customer who is a real drain. He’s a buyer, all right. He buys a few dances from you and you do your best to make him happy. But you’re there to make money and if he’s only good for two or three dances he’s not entitled to keep hold of you all night, is he?

But he thinks he is. This is the guy who needs to have you around. Maybe he’s felt some magical connection with you. Or maybe he’s looking to start one. But he doesn’t seem to get that you’re there to work.

I call these guys the Needy-Greedy type. These guys may want to buy a few dances but maybe they’re not loaded or they want to get dances from different girls. They might buy a dance or two but they’re not going to do a VIP Room. They can expect you to sit there all night for $50. Yikes! Sometimes they have a sense of entitlement or they all want to get to know you. It’s very needy. I had one “emotional vampire” try to analyze me and keep asking why I’m doing this. “Not to have this conversation!” I told him.

Here’s how I handle these kind of guys: I’ll work him like any other customer and maybe hang out with him between dances if it’s slow. But I’m super careful not to give him too much attention-these guys can get upset when you leave them to work the room. Don’t take it to heart if they get mad. Move on.

Sometimes these guys convert to regulars and can be good customers. But too often they don’t and they’re a drain. There are too many great guys out there to dance for to let some Needy-Greedy sap your energy! Be good to all your guys, but be smart around these customers.


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