Grilling Fish Reviews And Tips

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Fish become a favorite to be grilled for a delicious taste and nutritional factors present in fish can make our body healthier. Grilling is one of the best methods of cooking fish instead of frying. Fish, no matter what type it is has always been one of the most favorite items on the grill along with ribs, steaks and vegetables. This is because fish has a very pleasant flavor, is fun and quite easy to cook. Fish also offer a healthier option than most other items that are usually grilled. No matter how you cook, fish would always taste great on the grill most of the time but you should know that there are different cooking methods that are right for different type of fish. For an outdoor grill, it would always be better with a few slices of sea bass or salmon steak.

It is better for you to classify fish according to size, whether it is firm or not and whether it is fillet or whole. Different approaches are for fish depending on how it is classified; this is because not all types of fish would fit into a single grilling method. So for you to learn more about fish and how exactly you should grill them, here are some tips and tricks.

The Type of Fish

While a lot of different types of fish would taste great on the grill, most of them are cooked differently and have different approaches to one another. Firm fish such as tuna and swordfish cook easier than other types of fish and are much better of cooked in steak cuts. The meaty and firm composition of these fishes make it easier for you to turn them every once in a while and make it harder for them to break apart and fall right into the grill.

When grilling fillets, make sure that it is at least 1 inch thick and reasonably large for consumption. When putting them on top of the grill, do not forget to turn them every 2 minutes or less. You will know if you are doing this right if you have a nice set of grill marks on the sides of the fish, this of which is the sign of a grilling master.

Hygienic Conditions

There are just three things to keep in mind when it comes to grilling hygiene; that of which is it should be hot, it should be oiled and it should be cleaned. It would be better if you have the grill cleaned every time before you start grilling. Scrub all residues off the surface since these can fall inside the grill. You would not want to grill fish and have it taste like prime rib.

After that, you should make sure that the grill is pre heated. This is the most common mistake people make especially for those who own gas grills as they would tend to throw items in the grill immediately after starting the fire and . The last one is you have to make sure that the surface is oiled well enough to keep residue from sticking to the grill’s surface later on. You can do this by spraying small amounts of vegetable oil on the surface before grilling.

Grilling the Fish

You can use many accessories for grilling fish. Accessories are made to make fish cook faster and make it cook evenly on all sides. These would include a seasoned plank a metal skewer, and a wire basket for causing a different pleasant taste to the fish. But you should know that fish, unlike meats has to be well cooked but not overcooked to make it dry. You can use the poke test to find out, to test if a fish is cooked.

This involves having the top part pushed with something. If it crumbles or breaks, it is well cooked.

Do not forget, if you have children, engage them and make it a habit to consume fish, because fish contains omega 3 good for their health.


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