Breastfeeding For Good Health And Better Accommodations

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Today more mothers are deciding that breastfeeding is the best option for the health of their new born children.  Breastfeeding offers both the mother and child optimal health benefits while forming a bond between the two that is natural and life giving.  The mother reduces her risk for certain cancers.  Breastfeeding mothers are also more likely to lose the weight gained during pregnancy and maintain a healthier body weight than mothers who decide to formula feed.  Some mothers even report the benefits breastfeeding offers their emotional and/or spiritual needs.           

 The breastfed baby’s immune system fights the threats of ear infections and other sicknesses at a much earlier rate than formula fed babies.  It is reported that breastfed babies are less likely to develop common childhood illnesses like diarrhea.  Breastfed babies are often labeled as “happy babies” as they tend to adjust well with the strong bond between new baby and mom.        

The breastfeeding infant reconnects to her mother’s smell and energy in a way that promotes a child to thrive in a world far removed from the warmth of her mother’s womb.  Not only is breastfeeding a healthy choice for a baby’s diet, it is a mother’s best effort to offer her son or daughter something a bottle cannot.  Breastfed babies have mature palates and learn the power of touch before they say their first word.        

While the benefits of breastfeeding are plentiful, it is difficult for women to fit nursing into their lives when the world does not find it necessary to accommodate nursing mothers appropriately.  Take for instance most restaurants in cities throughout the U.S.  If a mother decides to go out to dinner with her nursing infant alongside her, where are the accommodations to nurse the child?   Must a mother rely on expressing milk beforehand or going back to her vehicle?  What about shopping malls?  Most malls throughout the country are filled with mothers and their nursing young spending hundreds of dollars at a time.  However, when it is time to nurse, mothers are left to figure out where they will be able to comfortably offer their child the fulfillment of breastfeeding.  Children entertainment centers have not taken the time to incorporate appropriate nursing facilities into their businesses when they would cease to exist were it not for mothers with their young children.    

Yes, breastfeeding is becoming the formula of choice for mothers as good health is more essential.   However, as we shift our young children to more natural ways of feeding it is important that the rest of the world shifts along with us.  Mothers and their breastfeeding young deserve better than a bathroom stall at their favorite restaurant.  They deserve to know that they do not have to choose between nursing and going out into public places.         


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