Article Writing is All About Keywords

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Keywords are very important in article writing, if your want your articles to get on the first page of a Google search. You need to have your main, tagged keywords all throughout your article, as about 2-5% of the text.

There is some dispute as to how important it is to have more rather than less, because if you include too many keywords, Google have a separate algorithm that rates those articles badly.

If you don’t follow the percentage rule exactly, you want to have as many keywords, and complimetary keywords as you can comfortably fit in your article while still making it easy to read.

Complimetary keywords are words that are related to the subject matter of your main keywords. You can use a keyword tool, like the Google Adwords keyword tool to work out what Google thinks are related keywords.

Keywords are important in writing articles, but you also need to have a good title. The title is the first thing that Google look at, when matching your article to a search.

If your title isn’t something that someone would type into a search, and isn’t even similar, then you will definitely not be found in many Google searches.

I wrote this article with the hopes that someone would type in both article writing, and keywords in the same Google search. How likely is this? Well, the two keywords (or keyword phrases), are not unrelated.

I did quite well in a Google search on: which article writing site pays the best, for my article: Which article writing site pays the best?

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