How To Win A Woman's Heart

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1. If you’re handsome. Be ugly. You do not boast about your being so handsome and your looks though you are.

2. Do not tell her you live with your mama. This may also mean like a “mama’s boy”. This is a common “turn off” to most girls.

3. Be spiritual, but not religious. (“Maginoo pero medyo bastos” – in filipino dialect)

4. Tell her you love walking on the beach with her and like to hold hands with her. It is romantic to girls and we fantasize about it.

5. Tell her you do not smoke and hate smoking and drinks and that you only drink on occasions,  but very mild. But some girls who do not drink or smoke, they prefer the same too.

6. Show your gentleness, attentiveness and kindness.

7. Be a “REAL MAN” (Able to protect her, etc.). ” Gay moves are a real “turn off” to us”. Do not fake. Show your real personality and who you are as a real person.

8. Have a sense of humor.

9. Not a gamer but loves to play games with her. Like if you plan an adventure, do include her in your adventures and you will both enjoy. Learn with her in whatever stuffs you are interested to.

10. “The Respects.” Everybody deserves a respect.

If you are having trouble with  the one best suited for you, maybe you miss some of these steps. Try these steps on how to win your dream girl’s heart and to your dates and ladies will start falling for you.


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