Removing Cast Iron Bathtub

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This goes out to all you weekend warriors ot there that are trying to finaly remodel that bathroom.  If you have the misfortune to be one of those that have a cast iron bathtub that needs to come out let me pass on a few pointers to you. Now I have plenty of carpenter skills to rely on but I have never had to deal with one of these beast! So I looked all over the web when I was prepairing for this project and 9 out of 10 peices of advice I happened upon where disheartning, overly time consuming, and just down right wrong!   Its very simple and I completed this task in 30 minutes alone!  Which was good beings all my normal help vanished once they learned what I was about to do!   First off get the biggest sleg hammer you can find and gi at it!  I basicly broke it up into 4 sections.  Start at the drain hole once the pluming fixtures are removed and give it a good whack!  Continue up the center till it breaks in half.  do the sme from side to side and you should end up with 4 roughly equal size pieces you can manage yourself.

Good luck!


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