How TO Maintain Oral Hygeine

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We would maintain our oral cavity as we would maintain any other part of our body.A good oral hygeine is essential for a good health.Oral hygeine incorporates caring not only for your teeth, but also for tongue, palate,and surrounding gums and periodontium.Here are few suggestions to maintain a good oral hygeine:

“A healthy smile begins with healthy teeth” and every individual craves for a healthy smile!

Brushing – Brushing twice daily with the application of appropriate technique is important. Brushing should cover both the lips and cheek facing sides ;the  inner tongue facing sides of the teeth and also cover the rear ends of the oral cavity till the last tooth. Using the ‘bass method’ is advisable for brushing.In this method,brush is held at an angle of 45 degree to the outer surfaces of teeth ,when teeth are in a straight plane,and short, swift upward and downward motions of brushing are done.Brushing for a long duration and also brushing very hard can lead to wearing of tooth surfaces. So selection of brushes play an equally significant role: a hard brush with very hard brushing technique can lead to wearing a way of tooth surfaces termed as “abrasion”.

Flossing – Brushing alone completely does not clean your teeth; a lot of food deposits are found in between the teeth surfaces, which are not accessible by the brush. So using a floss to clean those surfaces cleanses your teeth efficiently.  Flossing each time after you brush the teeth is beneficial.

Use of anti cavity ingredients containingmouth washes and fluoride rich toothpaste helps in preventing cavity formation.

Avoid use of pins or other sharp objects to clean food stuck in between the teeth because that can harm your gums. Use a tooth pick instead..

Healthy diet- Food rich in calcium and nutrients are essential for healthy teeth. Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium and some citrus fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin c, which is essential for healthy gums. Avoiding sticky foods and chocolates helps in preventing cavity formation; and even if you have it, make it a point to gargle each time you have it.

Fluoride in drinking water-excessive fluoride content in drinking water can lead to white spots on tooth surface and can also lead to “flourosis” which can slowly lead to disintegration of tooth surfaces. So filtering the water to eliminate excess fluoride is needed.

Smoking, eating tobacco, drinking excessive coffee, tea, can lead to formation of stains on teeth.

 Maintaining gums and periodontium-Teeth are bounded by gums and periodontium which are the “pillars” for your teeth. So a strong and healthy periodontium is necessary. Massaging the gums with clean fingers in cirular motions after we brush is a simple measure. Rinsing with plain water every time we eat is a good practice”. Bleeding gums “or” loose teeth” can be a sign to bother about and so visiting your dentist can help solve this. Getting your teeth cleaned by a professional dentist can not only help maintaining your teeth, but also avoid gum diseases.

CLEANING TONGUE AND PALATE-Tongue can develop thick white plaque,which is a harbour of anaerobic bacteria causing bad odor and cleaning the tongue by scraping the plque with a tongue blade every time you brush is essential.Also cleaning the inner upper part of the mouth ,which we feel with the tongue ,named palate ,is also needed to maintain a good oral hygeine.


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