Admission by Travis Thrasher – a Book Review

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The protagonist of Admission is Jake Rivers, who at 32 and still unmarried, owns his own business — Adventure Company — and has achieved a small amount of success since leaving his small Christian college. However, Adventure Company is struggling.

As Admission begins, Jake receives a special job offer from the parents of a woman who has disappeared and who was last seen with Alec Tristam, Jake’s best friend from college. This job offer not only offers a substantial payoff, but carries a thinly veiled threat if Jake refuses. The threat involves the deepest secret of his past, a secret he may have to unravel to save his life about a friend’s suicide and an enemy’s mysterious disappearance.

As Jake searches for an old college buddy, he must deal with the sins of his wild youth and the mystery of what happened on that last, violent spring break. Jake’s past keeps resurfacing, including an old love interest, but someone doesn’t want Jake to uncover the truth, and that someone will stop at nothing to keep Jake from learning what really happened. Full of action and suspense with a hero whose faith is subtly developed in a palatable and believable fashion, I found Admission to be an enjoyable short novel.

Admission by Travis Thrasher was published by Moody Publishers on January 1, 2006.


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