Gomez Peer: Turn Your PC or Notebook Into a Money-Making Machine.

Gomez Peer — earn money while staying online! As long as you’re connected online, you can earn money for doing nothing, though not really big! Still, so effortless way to make money especially to those with unlimited internet connection at home, isn’t it?

I heard of this money making site many times while searching for different means to earn some bucks online and in fairness, majority of the reviews I read are positive though there are few who were saying that Gomez Peer don’t pay. I had seen some proof of payments as well from reliable “online” friends so I guess by that time, my doubt lowered! hehe.. No questions at all as to whether they pay or not BUT a question arises again in my mind in regards to how Gomez Peer works. As I mentioned earlier, we just need to stay online to generate income from Gomez Peer and so for them to monitor it, they have this java-based software for us to install in our computer/s.. hmmm.. Isn’t it risky for our computer system?! That I don’t know.. Although so far, I haven’t read any extreme negative feedbacks like computer admin information hacked or whatsoever, or bad computer performance while using Gomez Peer, etc.. But what do you think of this? Actually they are doing this for the main purpose of measuring the real-world performance of websites by collecting and computing the horsepower of thousands of PCs that have Gomez Peer application installed in it. So do you think it is a safe move to install software like this one? whatcha think?!

Anyway, for interested online users here are some minimum requirements to join

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windo NT, 2000 or 2003
Processor: Pentium 3 or better
RAM: atleast 128 mb
Hard Disk Space (needed for installation): 40 mb
Internet Connection: dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite or ISDN connection

mode of payment: paypal


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