Surveymoneymaker Website Review

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Taking online surveys can be a good way to earn some cash in your spare time. However, finding survey sites can be very time consuming if you have to search for them on Google. So sites like Survey Money Maker contain reviews of the best survey sites on the internet.

Survey Money Maker is mainly targeted to the UK, but there are also plenty of survey site reviews from the US and Australia.

On the first page of Survey Money Maker there are 20 top survey sites from the UK.  Some of these include, Survey Network, Lightspeed, Valued Opinions, Synovate, Pure Profile and You Gov. Surveymoneymaker will tell you how much these survey sites pay and how many surveys they are likely to send. However, it is worth noting that this will depend on your individual demographics.

On the second page there are another 30 survey sites. There are also many good survey sites listed on this page, so are also worth checking out. My personal favourites on this page include Harris Interactive, Pinecone Research (although they will terminate your membership if you miss a couple of surveys) and Mindmover. All of these will pay you by check or by Paypal. There are also some survey sites that offer listed here which give you competition entries for taking surveys, but in my experience, these are best avoiding. Only GFK offers real chances of winning prizes.

There are also around 15 US survey site reviews and around 10 Australian survey site reviews.

Also, there are some tips on how you can increase your earnings by taking online surveys.


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