Residual Income Versus Nine to Five

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There are many jobs and businesses in this world. Most of them are not very fun at all. If you like writing, and the idea of building a good residual income, then this is the job for you.

I am a musician, as well as a writer, and I teach guitar lessons, as well as write articles online. I believe that I will make more money from writing articles on Bukisa, than I could ever make teaching guitar lessons, once I have built up a good team of writers under me.

Residual income is not the same as normal income. You build up a payment that keeps coming in, whether you work or not, and not surprisingly, it takes a bit of time to build up a residual income that you can retire on.

So far, I have made a residual income of about fifty cents a day on Bukisa, from writing about two hundred articles. Not everyone will have those results, they may be better or worse at writing articles that get found and clicked on in lots of Google searches.

How long did it take me to build that residual income? It might take me half an hour at the most to write a two hundred word article, so maybe a hundred hours.

Realistically, that’s about two weeks work in a nine to five job, considering the time it takes you to drive to work, and the cost of petrol.

What this doesn’t take into account, is I am getting about two referrals every day, and I make a 25% commission on the articles written by just my first level referrals. There are three levels in Bukisa, 25%, 5%, and 1%.

So, if I worked at article writing, as hard as some people work at a nine to five job, how much residual income could I build in one year?

52 x 20 cents is $10 a day, or $70 dollars a week permanent, residual income from a years work, plus 2 x 365 x ? divided by four. I have already worked for six months, but only writing one article a day or less. That’s a lot less than I could be doing, but let’s look at that calculation instead.

If I continued to write one article a day for ten years, I would have 3650 articles online, and I would be making about ten dollars a day from my articles, and probably two hundred, or three hundred dollars a day from the commission on my referral’s articles.

Remember that my referrals are coming in at two a day, and so far I have about forty five. Right now, they are only making me two cents a day, but they have barely begun to write yet, and more come in every day.

I cannot put a figure on it. I just ask you to consider, that even if I walked away right now, after six months work, my residual income would keep increasing every year, due to all of the permanent places that I have posted my referral link, and the one or two hardcore referrals I have already found.

Those people, will get referrals of their own, perhaps more than me, and then they will get referrals of their own. It’s not like a real world multi level marketing business, where if you walk away, there’s not much more growth.

If I walk away now, my articles will still get found in a Google search. People will see my referral link at the end of each article. They will become my referral, and start writing articles of their own, and getting referrals of their own, whether I am there to guide them or not.

The only way I could stop my residual income from continuing to build passively over the years would be to quit Bukisa completely, which I would obviously never do.

Bukisa is so much better than a nine to five job, and my residual income builds each year, in a rising curve, whether I work or not.

Join Bukisa as my referral, and I will show you how to get your articles on the first page of a Google search, how to get referrals of your own, and escape the nine to five grind. Join below, it’s totally free.



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