Personal Growth And Your Million Dollar Home Based Business

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“Every day a new millionaire is created in Silicon Valley and each millionaire creates ten new jobs for others.”

What impacted me the most was that a millionaire has the power to create ten new jobs for others. What amazing impact. I wanted a piece of that because it seemed like the ultimate personal growth experience: helping others in their personal growth as well.

I remember asking myself: “Do I have what it takes to make a million dollars a year?”

I decided that I did and something inside of me went to work immediately.

“Universe, would you help my personal growth and show me how to make a million dollars a year so I can create ten new jobs for others every year?” I asked.

When you ask with passion the Universe has no choice but to respond powerfully and quickly, I might add. Especially when it is related to your and others’ personal growth.

Within a month I was enrolled into a year long mastermind coaching program that cost me $5,000. I didn’t have the money but I knew that not spending it would prevent my personal growth, hence my dream to make a million dollars.

A year later my net worth reached one million dollars and another year later my net worth was just shy of two million and in the third year it increased to just under five million.

And no, it’s not because I’m any smarter than you. In fact, I dropped out of eight grade because I had to make ends meet. But one thing I never stopped: my personal growth.

So what makes me different than others? And how did I achieve multi-million dollar status so quickly? I attribute my personal growth success to being willing to be mentored and coached. I dedicate my success to those who benefit from it in some shape or form. I am successful not because I want to live in gluttony but because at my core I have a philanthropic heart and want to make the world a better place.

Today, I get mentored and coached by my good friend, Andrew Cocks, a certified Bob Proctor Life Success Coach. Andrew is as authentic ‘as they come’ and I trust him and the way he has set up his coaching program. After almost a decade of spending huge amounts of money on coaching, here is my gift to you, you do not need to spend $5,000 to get mentored! In fact, our monthly mentoring fee is less than $65.

I’m tied into an amazing company that has personal growth and helping others build their businesses at its core. Every time I get off a coaching call I am flying high and feel unstoppable. My personal mentor is here for me and dedicated to my success, as much as I am dedicated to those who look to me for guidance.

You too have the chance to participate in our weekly personal growth calls. And you’ll also have access to an amazing Digital Wealth Library that features downloadable eBooks and mp3 audio files that are here to help your personal growth. I’m grateful to be a team with Andrew because I remain motivated each and every day and on those days that I need a pick-me-up my coach is there for me.

Chaszey Sandhriel divides her time between assisting others as a spiritual advisor and energy worker as well as coaching and mentoring others as a small business consultant. You can visit her site by clicking here. She can be contacted at 415.830.8388.


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