9 Points to Help Get New Referrals For Any Ptc

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1 Friends and Family
This is by far the easiest method available. Simply ask your friends and family
to be your referrals. Although you should be careful if they sign up from the
same computer as you, as some sites don’t allow this.

2 Flyers, Leaflets and Stickers
This is also an easy and cheap way of advertising your referral link by just
making some leaflets and posting them. There are a number of sites that will
print your leaflets professionally, such as Vistaprint.co.uk, where you can get
250 leaflets printed for free. Just stick your referral link on it with some
information about how the site works and what they can potentially earn.
You can start by sending your leaflets through the letter boxes down your
street, and if you find it successful try the whole neighbourhood. Also if you
have a car you could put a sticker in the back window or on your bumper so
the people behind you can see your referral link.

3 Instant Messengers
This is also a great way of showing your referral link. With the instant
messenger that you use make a title like ‘Talk to me if you want to makemoney’ and like me you would get many people starting to talk to you saying
how can I make money? (Human curiosity).
Make sure you also have your referral link the subheading that is available as
you can ask them to check out the link. They would probably ask how this
works so make sure you know how the site works too.
Ask them to join the site and show them this eBook if they want any more
information about getting referrals.

4 GetRef
This is a site that I have recently stumbled upon. It is dedicated to finding
referrals for others. For you to get referrals you must first accumulate some
credit. This can easily be done by doing referral programs for others; or if you
really want to get started quickly you can purchase some credit for not much
at all. The program is simple and easy to use, so I would recommend
GetRef.com be used as a stable referral source.

5 Pay Per Click Advertising
You can advertise your referral link with Pay Per Click Advertising on sites like
Bidvertiser.com and Obeus.com. Your ad will be shown to thousands of
targeted sites (PTC & PTR) at each and every day. This is a goldmine! You will
get tons of referrals instantly, every day. It is very easy.

6 Websites and Blogs
If you have a blog with a constant stream of visitors, then you can use your
blog to get referrals. All you need to do is to write a post about the programs
you want to get referrals to join and encourage your blog readers and visitors
to join the programs using your referrals link. This technique is proven and very
effective to get referrals.
Alternatively, you could try creating a blog or a website; this will only take a
few minute if you use a free site like Blogger.com. Make sure you include some
payment proof screenshots on your site which link to your referral links. By
including payment proofs you will encourage your referrals to remain active. If
you don’t have any payment proof you could search Google and use someone

7 Create VideosIf you are good at creating videos, then you can use videos to attract user’s
attention and turn them into your referrals. You can create a video about the
programs you join and upload it to YouTube, Google videos and other video
streaming sites. This way is a great method and a lot of people successfully get
a lot of referrals using videos.

8 MySpace, Friendster, Facebook
Send your MySpace, Friendster and FaceBook friends a message with your
referral link. This is a great way of getting referrals because if you are stacked
with friends you’re bound to get them to try it out.

9 Referral Exchange
Another way to get referrals is to exchange referrals with other people. You
can join using another program using another person’s referrals link and ask
the person to join yours using your referrals link. This way you can get more
referrals. Usually, the people that join using your referral link will be active


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