How Does The Ptc Business Function?

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PTC websites or businesses such as Neobux and Onbux requires a medium to large user database in order to function correctly. When a PTC website reaches a large user database, it will then draw in advertisers or other businesses that will pay the PTC company for an advertising space and this is mainly how the owner of a PTC website makes money. They also need to keep the users interested by paying them a certain amount of money Per Click.

How does a PTC website hold their word on giving advertisers what they want?

The advertiser/business can buy an advertising space and they also have “30-seconds” to capture the interests of their viewers. If they are successful in capturing the interests of the viewers,…they will then benefit from the PTC website by bringing in potential customers.

How does the “user” gain money from PTC/PPC websites?

Some people get the wrong idea and think it’s going to be “super” easy to get money from PTC websites. It’s not, you need to either spend your own money to buy un-referred members to click for you or you can get your own referrals using your own methods (advertising on forums, myspace, facebook, etc). Most PTC companies will not pay you if you have less then $2 in your account balance but once you are over the $2 limit, you can cashout and it will be transferred to your bank account or through Alertpay or PayPal.

How do I choose the right PTC website?

At first you must find out if a PTC website has a large userbase or even a medium userbase to ensure that the PTC website is functional. But a large userbase isn’t necessarily good because it also means that the PTC company will be giving out payments slower.. due to the amount of users. Always look for PTC websites that has at least 4-5 or more authentic ads, this ensures that the PTC company is making money and some of that money goes to the users.

Thanks to those who have read this article and I also added a helpful tool on the right navigation bar, it’s a status bar that will be constantly updated. I will add more reviews for other PTC websites and also add their status in the near future. Good Luck.


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