Filled chicken chops

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This recipe serves two. The recipe is not very easy for preparation but the result is incredible. The time for preparation is about an hour and 40 minutes.


2 chicken chops

5-6 middle-sized mushrooms

2-3 sour gherkins

5-6 green olives

1 onion


2-3 cloves of garlic

100 gr sausage

100 gr yellow cheese

100-150 gr cream

Black pepper powder

Salt to taste

2 pinches of basil

Method of preparation:

Chop all the ingredients except the yellow cheese finely. Grate the yellow cheese. In a frying pan you have to fry the onion, the mushrooms and the sour gherkins. Then add the sausage, the garlic and the olives. After 10 minutes add the basil, the black pepper, salt to taste. Very carefully with a thin knife you have to cut the chops in the middle and make a “pocket”. You have to fill the ”pocket” with the prepared mixture and on the top you have to sprinkle the grated yellow cheese. You have to “sew the pocket” with a thread. Put the chops into oil and place them into a frying pan. Then cover it. After 5-6 minutes your chops will be stewed. With the other mixture you can prepare a very easy sauce. Place the pan onto the oven and add the cream. After 5 minutes you have to add the yellow cheese. Stir well. Your chops and your sauce are ready. Place the chops onto leaves of lettuce and on the top of the chops pour the sauce. You can sprinkle some basil onto the sauce(if you like basil, of course). Enjoy


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