Combiflam Tablets

Visit any medical shop in India and ask for a pain relief tablet 70 % of the people mostly likely will recommend Combiflam tablets. Combiflam is a very popular pain killer used by most of the Indian homes for quick relief from any internal pain, we too have been using Combiflam tablets in our home for some time now and I think Combiflam tablets are pretty effective in easing off the pain instantly.

Combiflam takes effects with an hour or so because it gives relief in quick time it is very much popular as also it is cheaper then most of the pain killers. Though Combiflam tablets are very effect but I don’t recommend using it pretty often,  though I am not sure about the side effects but I always felt some kind of pain in my stomach area after taking the tablet and also it cause a drowsy feeling .

Being a common medicine it doesn’t require a medical prescription to buy Combiflam tablets but in my case I felt like taking some reference from a doctor and he told me that too much use of Combiflam tablets can cause damage to my liver and the stomach pain I was suffering might be some kind of symptoms, after that I have stopped using Combiflam tablets completely. I can’t risk my life by taking such medicine which can damage the liver permanently.

These days I use other pain killers like Diclowin Plus but I stay away from Combiflam tablets, as the proverb goes “better be say than sorrow” is just what suits in this case.

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