The Flowering of The Carts: A Day by Day Celebration

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In May the city of Larino, in the south central region of Molise, there is a three day celebration in the month of May, where there is a three day celebration and a double take of it one day in October as well, on October 17th because that was the day Saint Pardo died.

The festivities honor Saint Pardo whom was Patron of Larino, was Bishop of Corinth, town of the Peloponneso, during the period of the persecutions against Christians. In an era where was a law passed that all Christians would undergo terrible tortures and the ones that persisted with the doctrine were put to death; however a lot of people despite the danger remained of their own belief and one of them was Saint Pardo, Bishop of Corinth. There are a lot of different legends about him and his stay at Larino but he became the patron saint of the city.

The three days of celebration are the 25th, 26th and 27th of May. On the first day May 25th after the sunset of the after the sunset of the first day, the carts  start slowly from the historic city center towards the upper part of Larino, called Pian San Leonardo which is the upper part of Larino. Here the procession begins and at nighttime the show becomes more alive with a show of a thousand lights from small multicolored lights come out of the carts.

May 26th is the most important day, because there is the arrival of the ashes of Saint Pardo from his death which happened in 842. The carts march from a head to the other of the medieval district, at this point the processions proceeds very slow, and then switching and going in a reverse sense. Then the saint, come led on the shoulders of the carts and of course the last one to come down is Saint Pardo, and in the evening you finish with a concert at Piazza Duomo.

On May 27th which is the last part of the festivities, you will see the carts marching the same way that they did on the first day, to get them back towards the town’s cemetery. Arrived at the cemetery, after mass, each family gets ready for the outing at which everyone participates. Then after singing the procession ends around the cathedral that is in honor of the town saint.

The reasons behind the celebration in May are due to the fact that on the 26th was the day that his body (or ashes) was brought back to Larino.


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