Using and Sticking to a Chore Chart

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Make a chore chart that fits your chore list. Using a ruler and pencil draw a simple chart or print one off of the many websites that has already made templates. There are also electronic chore charts that you can login and personalize, and it keeps track of the chores entered in by you. See below in the resource tab for a few

Think about it. Do you like all the chores around the house that need to be done? Do you split certain chores with your spouse or significant other because you don’t like to do the laundry or clean the bathroom? Keep this in mind when dividing up the chores for the children. Find out from them what chores they would prefer to do and assign accordingly if possible. When there are more kids involved, certain chores may be more popular and others may not. Try to work out how you want to give them their first choice, but let them know that they may not get them. If they have a second choice, use that, and so on and so on.

Decide on what day of the week you want to “start” the new week. Days like Saturday, Sunday or Monday works great. Make sure you switch out the chore charts to show the new week. Go over the chores each week and make sure they are willing to continue the chores they chose, otherwise assign new ones.

Always place a checkmark, sticker or other mark to show that they have completed the chore. Do this promptly after the chore is completed to keep up with the chart, so you are not worrying over whether or not they are current.

After they reach their goal, reward them with whatever was decided upon for the reward. Maybe it was going to a movie or money to save up for a special item.


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