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People have fetishes, nothing’s wrong with high heels and stockings, garters and corsets, even tying up and causing a little pain to a willing individual. Some sick people are have what’s being called a “crush fetish”. Now when I first heard the term I thought it was something innocent, like fantasizing about a crush, or perhaps wanting to be “crushed” by a mate. Unfortunately, it’s something so completely disgusting it’s hard to believe. 

Small, live animals, like rodents and young puppies and kittens, are being tortured in videos. They’ll be burnt, skinned, nailed to the floor, have there little limbs broken, stabbed, beaten, then crushed by a woman in high heels. 

I understand some people are just looking at these videos because the videos are fucked up. Just like lemon party or 2 girls 1 cup. Other people are watching them and getting off on it. How ever sick you are, if this is just a weird thing to look at, or a means of achieving orgasm, please just don’t watch these anymore. 

This industry will give the people what they want, if people keep watching these videos they will keep making more. There is little any of us can do aside from writing some letters. Let’s be honest, most of you won’t do that.

If this bothers you, but you don’t have the time to dedicate to stopping it, just don’t watch. Tell your friends about these videos and urge them not to watch. If you seek out these videos, the industry will listen to the demand and continue to make more.

If you want to do more, find a stop crush website and get involved.  


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