Selling Your Home? Hire a Real Estate Agent

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No one said it was going to be easy…or maybe they did and they simply didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about!  Selling your home can be a very profitable experience, if it is done properly.  In our erratic market, one of the surest ways to guarantee success in the sale of your home is by enlisting the services of a licensed, real estate agent.

Below you will find a few good reasons as to why a real estate agent is worth the commission they will charge to sell your home.

1.  Real estate markets are local.  Just because Uncle Joe out west had to take a bath on the sale of his home, doesn’t necessarily mean you will.  Many markets, despite the recent economic slow downs are still realizing higher than average selling prices.  The only real sure fire way to know if you are priced effectively is to talk to a real estate agent who is in tune with YOUR market.  They may not know a whole lot about what went down with Uncle Joe, two thousand miles away, but you can be sure they will be able to determine where your property stands in relation to what is or isn’t selling.  This could result in you making more money than you had anticipated, and may even offset the commission costs at the end of the deal.

2. A real estate agent will take the perspective purchasers through your home, while you sneak out to grab a coffee.  One of the hardest positions to be in is the position of seller when a purchaser brings you an offer way under your asking price.  Your real estate agent will allow you to be offended, without costing you the buyer.  Many purchasers want the home for next to nothing, many sellers want top dollar, doesn’t make sense to put a third party in the middle to prevent the negotiations from getting to personal?

3. A real estate agent will expose your property to hundreds of potential purchasers through advertising mediums that include online and print.  They will take on the cost of this advertising with the focus on moving your property.  This is done at no up front cost to you and is vital in the marketing of any home.

4. Perhaps best of all, in most cases, you will only pay your real estate agent if they sell the property.  If they don’t sell it, you don’t pay them.  It’s just that simple.

With changes to lending regulations, market slowdowns, rental vacancies and more, this is the type of economy where real estate agents shine. There expertise can truly prove to be invaluable.


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