BP Gulf Oil Spill: $20B is a Joke And So Are The Guidelines

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Update 8/21/10:

More information is coming out about the $20 billion that BP has put into escrow for the people affected by the Gulf oil spill disaster. If you read what I wrote back in June (below), you can see that I think $20 billion is a joke. Its not nearly enough. But Obama said it was and that is the amount that was locked in. Since there is not nearly enough money to go around, guidelines are being put in place to make sure it is not easy for people to collect. In fact, the guidelines will flat out reject MANY people from getting any of the $20 billion.

Part of the rules are going to focus on geography. The closer you are, physically, to the spill zone, the better chance you will have at receiving any money, at all. Anyone that is not in the immediate region can pretty much forget about getting any of the escrow money.

Not only will a lot of people be refused compensation for BP’s negligence, but those that are lucky enough will be forced to sign away rights to EVER suing BP, no matter what happens in the future. Even though the people on the Gulf have been put through a life changing disaster, thanks to BP, they will have the burden of providing undeniable proof that they deserve their fair share. If they can’t prove, without a doubt, that the oil caused them to lose money, they get no money. Think about all of the businesses who had no customers due to oil on the beaches. How on earth can shop owners prove (undeniably) that the lack of business was because of BP and the oil? They can’t. There is nothing quite like screwing people over and over and over and over and over.

The person who is now in charge of this clown show is Kenneth Feinberg. He handled compensation for 911 victims. I think this is utter B.S. and it is downright criminal. The people of the Gulf deserve to own BP and the other companies involved, if that is what is fair compensation. Maybe “accidents” wouldn’t happen so much if we held these companies accountable.

(6/17/10)I tried to watch President Obama’s oval office speech last night. I don’t know what it is, I’m having a hard time watching him anymore. Maybe it is because I feel like I’m being betrayed. Maybe it is because his calculated hand gestures make me uneasy. Maybe it is because he is letting a part of our country die without a second thought…

So, I tried to watch it, but ended up listening as my eyes constantly drifted away from the television. All I wanted to hear was some truth about the Gulf Coast oil spill. That was not part of the speech. In fact he said nothing new at all. He has not addressed one single, specific, or important issue about this, that is of any real significance. Oh, I take that back…$20 billion in escrow. He asked BP to put $20 billion in escrow for the Gulf Coast victims, and they obliged. Of course they are happy to do that when we all know it would probably cost TRILLIONS to give these people back the lives that they had before…

I’d really like Obama to explain why we have a media lock down in the Gulf. What are we hiding? Or, I should say, what are we TRYING to hide? Because I’m sure you are aware, news is coming out despite the lock down efforts. With every day that passes in a situation like this, people have less and less to lose. There are still some people left in this country that are brave enough and smart enough to find the truth and spread it…and that is what they are currently doing. Its time to get real, before it is too late.

Besides stopping the oil, the solutions to our problems, are simple. Honesty. If you spread a little of that around, people would be much more understanding of the whole situation. If we took care of our Americans who just had their lives destroyed, we wouldn’t need a media lock down. If we told the truth about the dangers involved and planned a safe way to get everyone out of harms way, you would see people helping each other, just like in the moments after 911. People want to do the right thing. But when they are lied to and made to feel like their lives aren’t worth the effort, well, they tend to turn on you.

CHALMETTE, LA - AUGUST 04: A BP mobile claims office is seen on August 4, 2010 in Chalmette, Louisiana. BP announced that about 2,600 business claims were processed over the past three days totalling $9 million. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

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