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Bukisa is the site I am writing this article on. Please click on the link in the article, to join as my referrral, and I will give you lessons on search engine optimization, and referral finding strategies.

Bukisa is an article writing site with a three level referral program, which pays you 25%, 5%, and 1% of your referral’s article earnings. They pay $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

You get your articles found in Google searches, and most of mine are on the first page. You can promote other websites, but the best approach is to promote Bukisa, because it is the best free to join opportunity that I have found online.


Sidetick is a social networking site that pays you to join, pays you to invite, and pays you to view, and be viewed. You can publish audio, video, and blog, etc. You get a dollar to join, a dollar to invite a friend, and 25 cents, for six levels of referral after that, seven levels total.

I have found that Sidetick is a great place to find referrals to Bukisa, but for some reason, I have not yet gotten one Sidetick referral. I have forty referrals on Bukisa. Perhaps it is because Sidetick have a lousy pay per click rate.

They only pay fifty cents per thousand clicks on your content, so I have only included them as one of the best free to join opportunities online, because of their seven level referral program.


Triond is an article writing site, and they let you make money from your articles with Google Adsense, which can pay out better than Bukisa, depending on the value of the keywords you write about.

They have a referral plan, I don’t even know what it is, but I included them because I have a referral link, and if someone was only interested in writing articles, they might make more money for me, as my referral on this site.

There aren’t many good opportunities to make money from free to join sites online. I have looked at hundreds of sites, and mostly, seen hundreds of work at home scams, or sites that exploit people.

Bukisa is the best opportunity to make money online, and it is free to join. Try Sidetick, but I think you will find like I did, that it is just a good way to get paid for the same things you do on Facebook.

I hope you will join as my referral, and if you want to stay in contact with me outside of Bukisa, my email address is


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