Matt Simmons, BP Oil Spill Whistleblower, Found Dead 8/8/10

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Update 8/9/10…

Matt Simmons was found dead, at his home, this weekend. He lived in Maine. Current reports are stating that Simmons had a heart attack and possibly drowned in his hot tub. Who is Matt Simmons? Well…

Matt Simmons is an investment banker, author and peak oil theorist. His professional background and his opinion of the BP Gulf oil spill, put him into a “whistle blower” role, recently. He has been one of the few people who have been very outspoken, on television, about the BP Gulf oil spill disaster. His opinion’s have been “radical” compared to the information that BP and our government have provided. Many people have felt that there was a lot of truth to his radical ideas, including myself.

Matt Simmons Wikipedia:

The last or one of the last interviews he gave to Bloomberg, from the end of July:


Update 7/14/10…

Another update because some news has come out. First of all, they are in delayed status with the current “new cap” operation. They are halted because they need to watch the pressure readings before proceeding. From what I am reading, they are pretty concerned about the sea floor and ruptures. They are currently watching pressure and doing seismic surveys of the sea floor. This is some pretty serious stuff. Hopefully we will get some good information soon.


(7/12/10) After nearly 3 months of oil filling the Gulf Coast of Mexico…we may finally be getting some good news.

There is some good news about the Macondo well, to report. First of all, they removed the cap from the well again. This is because they are re-fitting with another that will mostly or fully contain the flow and send it for collection…if it works.

The older cap was removed this weekend and the oil has been at free flow status. Today, they were able to successfully attach the the new spool to the BOP (blow out preventer), from what I gather. If this new spool was attached successfully, the next step will be securing the new cap to the threaded spool. Original time estimates were for Monday, July 12th, but as of today, it has been pushed off until Wednesday, at the earliest.

Instead of my usual ranting about how useless BP is…I am cautiously optimistic about this one because this could realistically work. BY NO MEANS does this mean that they are STOPPING the leak. Not by a long shot. They may have the ability to capture the oil, that is all. Instead of the oil pouring into the ocean, it could all or mostly be pumped into an awaiting ship. It is NOT a fix, but as much as I hate BP, this is major progress. One thing that I do think they are lying about…they claim that once they get this all in place, that they will be able to shut off valves and stop the oil all together. I think they are full of it when it comes to that part. The sea floor is ruptured, in and near the well. I think stopping that flow, for any reason, will cause much worse problems…and I am sure they know this.

So, take what they say with a grain of salt, but at the same time, this could be some real progress. Even if only half of their claims come through. At this point, I am ecstatic about any progress.

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