How To Make Money With Bukisa

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Idea of the Article

There are two different paths to take when thinking about writing an article.  Are you going to write about something you know or something you know will generate more page views.  That is entirely up to you.  I suggest finding your niche and running with it.  This is only because the article itself will be better written and people will enjoy reading it that much more.  Also you can write more articles this way and in turn generate more page views with the greater amount of articles.

The Title

The title should be something that sticks out to the users.  It should not be something bland and boring. By having a creative title more people are likely to click something that pops out to them.   The Title should also be apropriate to the article it is about.  For instance, if you are writing an article on skiing, do not call the article Monkeys Can, So Can I, or something totally irrelevent to the topic in mind.  Be creative yet stay on topic, this alone will generate more clicks.

The Article Itself

The article itself should be inline with the title but also well written.  This means good grammar and spelling.  Also make sure your article does a good job describing what the goal intended is.  Do not write a shabby article on something if you want to generate page views.  Make sure your article is descriptive, outlines the facts, provides some secretes or tips, and is in general well written.

Choosing Tags

Make sure the tags you use are appropriate for the article.  This way when people search for your article it is on the top of the list or somewhere near the top.  Also using good tags will also let people using google find your article that much easier when searching for something.

Spread the Word

Do not be afraid to put the link to your articles on forums (if allowed) or on your blog.  Also myspace, facebook, twitter, and other social networks are great places to gain page views.   Sites such as stumbleupon and reddit are great ways for you article to get unique hits.  Getting your article out there is the best way to get page views.


Bukisa has a great referral program that allows you to earn a percent of the people who join under you.  Do not be afraid to tell your friends and family about it.  The more friends you have the more money you will make.  Get all the people you can to join under you, this will maximize your earnings.


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