Tech Marriage: Intel Proposes $7.7B to Buy Mcafee

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Huge tech news today as Intel announces plans to purchase McAfee for $7.7 billion.

Intel is the worlds largest chip maker. Along with Symantec (Norton), McAfee rules the computer security world. Regulators and shareholders still have to sign off on the deal, but both companies already have approval from their board of directors. McAfee’s senior level employees will stay on board through and after the acquisition.

Due to our consumption of technology, its easy to see why these two companies teaming up, is a big deal. Intel has their chips in everything and McAfee is a leading security company. It is a match made in heaven or hell, depending on how you want to look at the details. It gives both companies inside tracks to create faster and cheaper tech that benefit both them, and the end user. But it can also lead to a monopoly type situation, in the future. However, their is speculation that this deal could push Qualcomm to pursue a similar deal. Qualcomm is a wireless tech company.

The Intel family is doing a lot of growing, lately. They just recently announced that they are buying the cable modem product division of Texas Instruments.

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