Google: Change Your Name to Escape Online Identity

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt thinks that the youth of today will need to change their names in order to avoid all of the embarrassing things that they have done online. He thinks that people, in general, do not have any idea what they are setting themselves up for and that people should literally be “entitled” to change their name to “erase” their past.

Schmidt also goes on to explain just how thoroughly involved in our lives and record keeping, Google will continue to be. I have a pretty harsh opinion on all of this…

1. If you are dumb enough to act like an idiot on the internet, you deserve to be haunted with YOUR words and actions.

2. If the idiot in question is a child, my question is, where are the parents? NO child should be left to roam the internet and do as they please. Those parents should be dealt with, accordingly.

3. This kind of “get out jail card” will only give people the nerve to act even more foolish and sleazy.

4. Anyone who doesn’t understand that digital photography is forever, is an idiot that should be haunted by their own bad taste. Refer to number 1, above.

5. The internet has been “kicking it” in its somewhat current form, for well over a decade. If you can’t figure it out by now and/or explain it to your children, then you don’t belong here. You’re only trashing it up and dumbing it down for the rest of us.

In conclusion, if everyone could grab a few morals and a bit of self respect, we wouldn’t need to change our identities to escape our past. And remember, Google is not your friend. Never, ever forget that. You can run, but you can’t hide…

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