How To Fall Asleep

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Lay down in your bed and place your head on your pillow. How you get into bed does not matter. Jump into it, or delicately lay down. It does not matter, just depends on what suits you.

Close your eyes. Laying in bed with you eyes open is not going to help you at all.

Think of something calming and soothing. If this does not work try to think of anything that would normally bore you to death and put you to sleep.

If thinking of calm and soothing thoughts does not put you to sleep, try putting on classical music or using a soother sounds player. The tranquility can help your mind find it easier to rest.

Chances are if you are reading this counting sheep may not work, but try it for the sake of, you never know the 100th time could be the charm.

Hopefully by now you are sound asleep enjoying something that is well deserved for everyone.


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