Air Conditioning – The Benefits Of Portable Air Conditioning Units

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When most people consider investing in Air Conditioning units they automatically go straight for fixed Air Conditioning units as they are often not aware that there is other options or if they do know about portable Air Conditioning units they do not know enough about  the benefits which could save you, depending on the circumstances, a lot of money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Portable Air Conditioning units are very cost effective and can be used anywhere at any time. The benefits include;

  • Increased cooling– Designed with smaller rooms in mind they are able to cool the air significantly faster than a standard fixed Air Conditioning unit. You can direct the cool draft emitted by the unit directly to you as you are able to place the unit right next to you.
  • Free Fitting– With no fees for installation as the unit is simple enough to just “plug in” yourself you are saving a fortune on the fitting fees where a fixed or split Air Conditioning unit requires  a fully qualified and experienced technician. With a portable Air Conditioner you are able to save, save, save which means less fuss and less stress.
  • Portability– As the name gives away, a portable Air Conditioning unit can be moved around from room to room or even taken away with you on trips and to the office. Whatever room you are in you can easily pick up the Air Conditioner and move it in there, allowing it to cool the air quickly and efficiently.
  • Instant Use– Because portable units do not have to be fitted or professionally installed you can unpack the box, plug it in and use it. Instant use and cooling from the second you get the unit home or to the office, no appointments needed or waiting around to get cool.
  • Energy Saving– Each portable unit brings with it the promise that it is energy efficient and will save you money. On top of this the portable Air Conditioning units are only cooling one room at a time so the energy consumption is hugely different ensuring you only cool the room that you will feel the benefit in and reducing your carbon footprint making them kinder to the environment as well.
  • Placement Choice– Because the unit is portable you control the position of the unit in the room. You might prefer it in the corner or closer to you if you feel the need for an extra boost of cold air, and because you can place it anywhere you can change its position according to you in seconds depending on how hot you are and how much cold air you want to feel.

As you can see all of these benefits show you that a portable unit is a real contender especially for those who are energy conscious, want to save money, work from home or who have smaller apartments and rooms. No one should be without cool air on a hot day and a portable Air Conditioning unit can solve all of your Air Conditioning needs.


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