How Does The Bukisa Payment Plan Work?

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Many people on Bukisa have not taken the time to learn about Bukisa’s three level referral program, and how you can make the most money on Bukisa.

Bukisa is a free to join article writing site with a three level referral program. 25%, 5%, and 1% of your referral’s article earnings. $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

Writing articles is the first, and most important part of Bukisa, but the next, is including your referral link at the end of each article you write, as link text.

To include your referral link at the end of your articles as link text, you simply write the text normally, such as JOIN BUKISA, then you highlight the text, after already going to your dashboard page, and right clicking on your referral link, and pressing copy link, or copy.

You press the make link button, and you paste the URL of your referral link into the box that comes up. In this way, you can make a link to your referral link, from any link text.

You can also make it larger, by using the paragraph format button on the top left of your text box. I make my referral link as large as possible.

Once you have your invite to join Bukisa on every article you write, your chances of getting referrals go up dramatically, the more articles you write that get found in Google searches by people outside the site.

I like making groups on Facebook, or Sidetick, and inviting the many friends that I have made there. You don’t want to do this too much, or they will get annoyed.

Look for many different sites where you can post your referral link permanently, and keep writing articles. If you get an article on the first page of a Google search, you will get hundreds of clicks, or even thousands a year, depending on how popular the search is.

If you have not yet joined Bukisa, you can join as my referral at the bottom of this article, and I will teach you search engine optimization, and referral finding strategies.



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