Is it Time to Replace Or Repair Your Spa Heater Pack?

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If your spa heater pack is more than 5 years old, its wiser to invest and upgrade to a digital spa pack. It has more advantages over an analog spa heater pack. More accurate temperature control. It has a LED temperature display that is adjustable at the topside. Digital spa packs have no moving parts that break down. 


Check to make sure your heating element isn’t the problem. This is not costly and runs about $100 verses an entire digital spa pack. You can find information using your computer and going online goggling spa heater fixes and repairs.


 Digital spa packs can save you money because they have built in features that allow you to adjust filters cycles and temperatures. This is especially cost efficient because you can use the programming mode to lower temperatures but keep the water filtering if you are away for a few weeks. This will save you money by reducing operating costs!  


 If you are looking to a spa repair shop to fix your heater, these costs could quickly escalate unless you’re a handy man. If you have to take the spa heater back to the repair shop and incur higher rates, you’d probably do better buying a new spa heater pack. All spa packs are interchangeable so shop around for the best quote. Be sure to read the warranty and service plan offered. Good Luck.

You don’t have to buy your original brand or spa controller, all spa packs ARE interchangeable.

If you are not an electrician beware of serious or fatal accidents if you attempt to replace something that requires more skill


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