How to Make a Fun Festive Halloween Bingo Craft!

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During the fall months, Fall Festivals tend to be something that many people are either attending or planning themselves. Fall festival crafts can be some of the funnest things in the world to make, due to the fact that there are so many different ones that you could decide on making. There are many different websites on the Internet that one could choose to use for the crafts or you could just make them yourself with good old fashion sweat and determination. One of the funnest crafts for a fall festival would be making your own bingo cards. You can make them pretty much any way you want them, from spooky to nice little fall scenes it really is up to you! Keep reading for a couple of thoughts on how to decorate your own bingo cards for a fall festival.

The first step to making your own fall festival bingo cards is to get on a computer and use a program to create a document. Start out with a blank one use the Page Setup function in the program so you can set your margins and the other parts of the paper the way you want it. If you want to get as much detail on one piece of paper, use Landscape orientation and then add two columns.

You will need to click on table and make sure to insert six rows and then five columns. This can be done with whatever publishing program you decided to use to create a bingo grid for the game.

For the game you can choose a special font from the program such as many the Chiller option. You will need to spell our the letter BINGO or to really make the game festive try using other letters that spell out trick, treat, haunt, ghost or even witch. That is a special touch when making the game a little more personalized and a great game for kids.

With the pattern on the computer, make sire to input a clear space in the middle and place the words FREE. You can also take the time to include small clip art in each of the squares on the card. Consider using fall clip art or even the Halloween options. You will also have to make sure that you use regular numbers in the spaces or words that deal with Halloween or the fall season.

You have to create different cards for each player. Print the cards on fall colored printer paper and then cut the sheets to separate the cards from each other. Also make a page that has all the pictures or numbers that you used on the cards for the game. You will need these to use as calling cards while playing the game.

This is a simple fall festival craft that kids and grown-ups all tend to enjoy! All there left to do, is play the game and enjoy watching all the excitement and fun!


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