Playstation Move Review

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The PlayStation move is something that is going to revolutionize gaming. People may think its going to be just like the Wii but they are very mislead. See the controllers design is very unique right off the bat, the game controller makes you feel like your actually holding something that is comfortable to hold and is designed to make it feel very comforting in your hands.

Now many don’t like the look of the part of the design that makes you look like you are holding a ice cream cone. But the thing is that inside of that “cone” part is a six-axis camera that gives accurate information on your person in real life with no lag or delay.

Their is going to be quite a few games come out on the launch of this new addition to the system. Their is a sports game coming out with it kind of like Wii Sports. But with archery and other fun games including ping pong. In ping pong you can hold the paddle however you wish just hold the Playstation Move controller in the fashion you want to hold the paddle, they also are coming out with boxing like the Wii did except that the Playstation Move with its six axis controller and camera can detect how fast your throw each punch, so you can make quick jabs and strong ones also. Another game coming out is a Boxing game that has many capabilities. You can punch however you want and you need to learn to block the punches also as you would in a real life situation.

The camera that sits atop of your TV can also detect upper body movement. So when you are playing the boxing game you will be able to lean your persons head back to make them miss a punch and other things that will come into play later on. I will be talking more about the Playstation Move during sometime next month. 

So overall this is looking to have very high expectations. Being able to detect upper level body movement, and be able to always give 100% accurate information on where you are at with your hands.


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